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Letters of Administration

 No Will, relax we’ve got it covered

 What is Letters of Administration?

When someone dies  you may need to get Letters of Administration to deal with the property, money and possessions of their estate. Letters of Administration is the term used when referring to a type of grant issued by the Supreme Court giving you the right to deal with a deceased person’s estate. To obtain Letters of Administration, the deceased must not have left a Will, or the Will that was left is not legally valid.

Probate Law Centre help and support clients get the legal assistance they need at such a difficult time. We offer no upfront legal fees until we have received the grant from the Court if the estate assets include monies held in a bank account and the estate is solvent.

Note at this time we only offer our Letters of Administration service to New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and Queensland deceased estate. We offer our DIY service for all other Australian States.

The Process

The first stage involves our lawyers reviewing a copy of the deceased’s Death Certificate and your completed Questionnaire. Once our review is complete, we attend to all legally required advertising and notifications.
We draft your application for a grant and send this to you via post for signing and return to us. Typically you will have your application within (7) – (10) days from the time we receive your completed Questionaire and a copy of the Death Certificate.
Once we have received your signed application for a grant, we then lodge this with the Court. The application is usually dealt without the need to appear in Court.  The Court typically take between (4 ) – (6) weeks to process your application. Timing depends on how busy the Court is at the time your application is lodged.
Once your grant has been received by our firm from the Court, we send this to you via registered post. That’s it – you have your grant and can now legally deal with the deceased’s assets and finalise the estate.

 Our Fixed Fee



*  Note: Our no up-front professional fee only applies if the estate is solvent. All disbursements, such as advertising fee and court filing fees are not included in our fixed professional fee.

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