Making a Will

   Fast, Affordable, Fixed Fee Wills from only $295

Making a Will is Easy with our expert Will Service.

We make Will writing easy and offer fixed cost Will writing services. For initial advice call our Will writers on  1300 811 482 and we will help you.

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Will?

Our fixed fee Wills start at just $295.00 for a standard will and $395.00 for couples.

For all our Wills, including more complicated Wills, like setting up a Trust, we will discuss your wishes and requirements and then quote you a fixed price upfront. Once we have provided you with a written quote for the agreed work, that price will not change.

What Exactly is a Will?

A Will is a legal document that allows you to state what should happen to your assets (your money, property, investments and possessions) as well as your young children after you have passed away.

What makes a Will complex?

There is a number of  factors which can make a Will more complex. Some of these include:

  • Having a trust set-up upon your death.
  • Having complicated bequests.
  • Excluding a child as a beneficiary.

What Happens If I Die Without Making a Will?

If you live in Australia and die without a legally valid Will the law will decide who gets what. If you have no living family members, all your property and possessions will go to the Crown. If you have children under 18 years old, other people can make decisions about who will take care of the children and manage their finances, education and living arrangements. By making a Will you can specify your wishes.

3 simple steps to making a Will

Speak with an expert in our Wills and estates team.

We draft your Will and forward this to you for approval and make any changes you request.

We finalise  your Will and send it to you for signing, along with our Wills Guide.

 Simple Will Fixed Fee

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